Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale


Firstly, I am still alive!! Alhamdulillah.

I took a day trip to Coolmar with frens.Not in France..but here, Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi. It was my first time there and took only 1.5 hours from Kuantan.Frankly say, my short visit to Bukit Tinggi has been a fruitful moment. I called it an enjoy day for me and my frens.

That day, the weather was indeed good and bright. Sky was blue, wind was breeze and heart was at cloud nine. LOL. Pardon me. I was felt relax in a smooth drive and very few cars on the road. The weather is appeared to be very friendly to my camera, means very suitable for scenery photography.

I’ve reached the destination when I entered the car park. Colmar Village is just in front of me. I couldn’t express any better word than awesome place. From far, the village is look like a castle, an imaginary dream during childhood.

As a free traveler, I explored the place on my own, equipped with no fancy stuff other than my blackberry (camera).



We spent about an hour enjoying the village neighborhood. It was a fancy place that I ever had. The buildings of Colmar village was awesome, and  a good place for photography! Our next destination was Japanese Village. I was noted that there wasn’t any Japanese person around to keep our instinct close to Japanese culture.









Not far from Japanese garden, there was a Botanical Garden. It’s divided into different area in which accessible by staircase along the route. One have to climb down and up in order to view and explore entire garden at once. I did it without much problem, easier than hiking.






Overall, it’s an awesome place which can be very expensive if you didn’t plan in advanced. Meals can very expensive and out of expectation, not even can fill-up your appetite if quantity is what you’re looking for. I’d skipped Rabbit Park as it’s not our favorite place and proceed for our lunch back to Kuantan.



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