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How to Handle Long Distance Relationship



Malam tadi masa rehat-rehat sebelom tidur me baca ni. Agak membantu kot untuk orang yang sedang mengalami. Seperti saya haha. Credit to Google. I copy paste untuk share dengan korang yang sedang membaca ni.

Hubungan kita, kita yang tentukan hala tuju kan kan. Tapi kadang-kadang walaupon kita dah ada arah tuju, tak semuanya berjalan lancar. Hubungan jarak jauh ni memang sangat fobia kot. Ramai yang gagal. Ramai jugak yang berjaya cemerlang. It depends atas kita masing-masing handle. So jom baca,


Come to terms with your new relationship. Whether your partner has to move away due to work or whether its a new relationship that has formed via the internet, you need to realize that you are separated by distance, for now. Take some time to reflect upon this. The most difficult thing to deal with is the fact you can't see them. This is something that might hurt, especially if its a new relationship and you want to go out and spend time with them. But you need to come to terms with this fact, otherwise your relationship won't make progress and you'll end up being unhappy.


Accept what you have. If you love your partner just be thankful at the fact that you have them, even if they aren't 'with' you right now. Be thankful that you have a relationship with strong communication foundations and that you have someone special in your life.


Communication. Talk to the people that you're close too, including your friends and family. Let them know you're situation and how you're feeling. It's important to always be open and honest with your partner, the key to having a happy relationship is a good communication bond between the two of you.


    Establish a stable method of communication. Although it might not sound like much, but it can be extremely difficult at first to work out how you're going to have a healthy form of communication. Whether its Skype webcam calls, a games console headset or a simple phone call, its important to find out the best ways that you can talk. Plan out when will be the best time, are you and your partner in different time zones? Will your partner have to take time out for hobbies or work? Things like this should be considered and discussed.


    Have fun. There's no point being in an unhappy relationship, you can't change the distance, but it doesn't mean that the both of you can't have fun. Watch some tv together (you could stick your favourite tv program or film on at the same time and watch it "together"), make inside jokes between you, play games, take up hobbies together, the list is endless. Just don't let the fact that you're not with each other in person stop you both from getting the most out of a relationship. You don't have to be sat right next to them to watch TV with them. You don't have to be eating at the same dinner table to have dinner together. And you certainly don't have to be standing right next to them to have fun.


    Be optimistic. Although it is normal for everyone to have their "down days" try not to let the distance get to you. It may be hard if you miss them, but telling them how you feel and letting it out might make it a whole lot better. Always look on the positive side, at least if you're partner isn't right next to you 24/7 you don't have to put up with their annoying habits and you get some time to yourself. Just remember, long distance relationships are what you make of them - if you make it like a "normal" relationship then it will be a "normal" relationship where you both participate in day to day couple activities.


    Don't let other people decide for you. Although it might be helpful to let other people give their advice every now and then, remember not to let other people control your relationship. A long distance relationship is no different to any other relationship, would you let people tell you what to do then? Don't be put off by what other people say, do what you feel is right. If it makes you and your partner happy talking every night on Skype then do it. Don't let other people spoil it for you, and certainly don't let other people get you down about it. Chances are they've never experienced a long distance relationship before, so they don't really know what's going on.


    Get online. A good thing for couples struggling in a long distance relationship to do is to get online and do some "research". Look up some articles for helpful tips that may improve your relationship. There's also many long distance relationship websites that offer advice for couples and you might be able to chat to other couples and get advice and tips from them.


    Make plans. Even if these plans don't go ahead, talk about your future. Where would you like to visit with your partner and what would you like to do when you're there? Talking about the future can break the distance and make you feel more positive that the relationship is heading somewhere. Also, its important to plan to see your partner, especially if its for the first time.


    Regularly see each other. Visiting each other as much as possible makes the whole situation better. Being able to spend some quality time in person with your partner is one of the best things in a long distance relationship. Just think, you can look forward to seeing them and it makes the time when you're together more special. Make sure that when you see each other you go out and visit places and do things together!


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