Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ma Apple Sticky Notes


What a great Wednesday huh? Obviously this is not a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ entry. Got nothing much to do today except updating all schedules and planning and tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. For those who read my timeline this morning, I am really sorry. I keep tweeting about my office matters *sigh* at least I can do it in twitter.

Instead of using normal colorful sticky note as below, I have my apple sticky note.And it is RED my favorite color.Bought that one from my boss, En.Hafeez a few months ago but until now I never use it.Its too cute to be used as sticky note seriously. I rather keep it in my table and never ever let anyone touch it haha.








“Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick some apples off my tree,
Pick them all for you and me.”



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