Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is It True Or A Myth That You Should Eat Before 7pm To Aid Weight Loss?





  1. Eating before 7 pm doesn't help you lose weight in itself. However it prevents you from gaining excess weight, because if you eat most of your calories at the beginning of the day, you have the whole day to burn them off. But, if you eat lots at night, they will just stay in your body and be converted to fat because you don't have a chance to burn them.
  2. K well it all boils down to metabolism. If you eat right before bed and then go to sleep then the calories you ate don't get burned off as much as say breakfast and then go to work, school, gym, etc. The worse thing you can do is to eat carbs such as white bread, white rice, or anything that is white i.e. potatoes, sugar...The reason is that these things are meant to break down so that the body can use them for energy really quickly. So if you are eating ice cream and then you go to sleep then where do you think the calories from the ice cream are going to go if you are burning next to no calories while you are asleep? They are of course going to store in your body as fat, so that your body can use them at a later time.
  3. Its not so much 7pm that is the factor, it depends on when you eat dinner and what time you go to bed. if you eat and go straight to bed, then you're not being "active" and the body doesn't get a chance to work off what it just consumed. trying to stick to a normal routine, like eating around 6pm (dinnertime) should keep you in the clear. either way, its not a huge contributor in weight loss. its a combination of things.
  4. It's not necessarily 7 pm, it's 3 hours before you go to bed that you should NOT eat.

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