Friday, April 6, 2012

Women's Aurah : What Has Happened?


caraaurat2 (1)


ERROR 1: Aurah is ONLY about covering the hair.

ERROR 2: Wears hijab with short sleeve T-Shirt.

ERROR 3: Wears hijab with slitted skirts.

ERROR 4: Wears hijab with tight and transparent blouse that reveals body parts that lures a man.

ERROR 5: Wears very loose hijab that causes the hair to be visible.

ERROR 6: Wears hijab only in the office. Not at home or around the mall.

ERROR 7: Wears hijab but the end of the hijab is pulled up revealing the chest.

ERROR 8: Wear a hijab that is made of transparent material that causes the hair, neck and chest to be visible.




“Pray to Allah that He makes it easier for me to fulfill my obligations and that I am able to make that commitment.Amin.”



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